Where to Go For Commercial Real Estate Training

Commercial real estate has been hugely successful for many people. Big names that come to mind are Trump and Zell are just two names that come to mind who have made billions in commercial real estate. The question becomes, with all of the complexities involved in large property transactions, where does someone go to train to be a commercial real estate broker?

This article will talk about some of the sources for training in this field that will help people get practical experience and understanding of how the commercial real estate market works.

Your best source of training for commercial property is to find entry level work in a successful commercial real estate company. It doesn't really matter if it is a receptionist position or working in the mailroom. Just being surrounded by the conversations involved the buying and selling process will give you a first class education in the intricacies of a transaction. It is a great way to get first hand experience while you complete your formal training and will help build your resume for future jobs in higher level positions.

Degrees to consider for future commercial brokers are law degrees and MBA programs with a focus on finance. Commercial transactions require extensive detailed contracts concerning the exchange of incredibly expensive property or multi year leasing agreements. With that in mind, an understanding of the law or the ability to structure beneficial financing packages will have a huge effect on your success as a broker.

For those that do not wish to go the formal education route, sales experience is a must and can be much more highly prized than a degree. The truth is that several people can handle the technical side of a commercial transaction, but the ability to bring parties together and reach amicable agreements is a talent that will make a commercial real estate broker very successful. Take a sales training class to sharpen your skills and get out in the real world of sales to learn how to overcome objections and make a deal work.