Company Law Services

A company is an association of persons with perpetual succession, legal entity that are performing for a common goal. Company is not affected by the death, insanity or insolvency of any individual members. Company is a unit or group of persons whose formation is generally done by registering the articles of Association and Memorandum of Association with the state registrar of companies of the state in which the head office of a particular company is to be located. All the members of a company carry business activities in order to achieve same goal. Company formation is one of the common terms used in the corporate market, whereas company formation procedure plays an important role in formation of a company where rules, procedures and regulations of company establishment are regulated by The Companies Act of 1956 in India. It defines rules and regulations for both public as well as for private companies.

With the rise in competition and upward growing trends of corporate sector raises the demand of various company law companies that offers verities of law services at affordable rates. In India, a country with awesome business opportunities you will find number of company law companies like 365companies offering all types of business law services that includes patent infringement, legal outsourcing solutions, online company registration, trademark registration, company formation procedure, intellectual property law, legal filing solutions, fcra, nbfc, patent registration, copyright, llp registration, taxation & licensing, company trademark registration, commercial law, patent attorney, company incorporation, intellectual property law and lots more. It is always recommended to all types of companies to follow all these company law services in order to get smooth business activities.

Among the different company / business law services, company registration, trademark registration, nbfc registration patent registration, company formation, fcra registration are some of the famous and favorable law services among the business houses. FCRA and NBFC are the two main company legal services that play an important role in the world market. FCRA registration is one of the necessary legal services from point view of malpractices in the market. It is one of the major concern areas of business sector that should be regulated in appropriate manner. Different countries have their different procedures and rules for fcra registration that helps in maintaining the regulation of foreign contribution in the market. On other side NBFC - for non banking financial company are among the famous company sectors of the world. These are those companies who are deals bonds, shares, debentures and loans. NBFC registration is very important that plays an important role in its business activities as NBFC is totally depend upon the interest of its investors and its registration is very important that attracts them towards investing.

By: Chaman Goyal